dfbm #72 - Smoke and Strings

dfbm #72
Smoke and Strings

Two hours of smoke and strings. Better open your window afterwards or leave the house! Lots of obscure and already dead folks. Others are very alive, but probably are not so well known either. In times of the internet, nothing is really lost. Many r …
Moon Bros. - Frijolillo

Moon Bros.

Moon Bros. is some sort of psych folk by Matthew Schneider, well known in Chicago's Free Jazz scene as "guitarist, stringed instrumentalist, carpenter, and an all round bad-asser"(source). It's the same scene or group of musicians t …
dfbm #71 - Not On Air Tonight

dfbm #71
Not On Air Tonight

Welcome to another dfbm online mix. First, I tried to bring this mix to spotify, even if I don't like the idea, I realized that is how many listen to music. But it didn't work. First, it was not easy to convert my playlist to a spotify playli …
Joan O'Bryant - American Ballads And Folksongs

Joan O'Bryant
American Ballads And Folksongs

With the Folkway Records release by Joan O'Bryant from 1958, I found a real musical treasure that I don't want to keep myself. I found myself digging through the Smithsonian Folkways archive lately and I think I don't need to introdu …
Jerry Hionis Plays Genesis

Jerry Hionis Plays Genesis

So far, every Jerry Hionis album teached me something new. This time it's a lesson in rock history. So honestly, Genesis was never of interest for me. I reduced Phil Collins to the ridiculous drum solo of "In the Air Tonight", Genesis t …
Joseph Allred - Mandorla Valley

Joseph Allred
Mandorla Valley

​A virtual stack of wonderful albums full of guitar soli and american primitive waltzes sits on my desk for a while and I to post them finally. They all got released on Meliphonic Records which, I believe is run by Joseph Allred as well. Allred …
Alex Archibald -  Accidental Waltzes

Alex Archibald
Accidental Waltzes

Short solo guitar miniatures by Alex Archibald from Vancouver, BC. A short detour into experimental areas with Drunken Transition and into banjo land with Make Horse. The obligatory and very nice slide/lap steel piece comes in earthy lofi fashio …
dfbm #70 - June Apple

dfbm #70
June Apple

Welcome back to over an hour of old time jams, banjo pickin' guys and gals and music scratched out of rusty wires. Most stuff is old and from the well known sources like Smithsonian Folkways, Dust-to-Digital, Tompkins Square. Speaking of …
Lebo Jenkins - Couch's Barn and Fretless

Lebo Jenkins
Couch's Barn and Fretless

I met Lebo Jenkins in early spring when he was organizing and playing on an event with Moses Nesh and Sarah Louise in Atlanta. He knows a lot about old-time music, banjos, old pickers and he likes to tell stories. He can scratch tunes out of a f …

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