dfbm #67 - Morning Raga Pt. I

dfbm #67
Morning Raga Pt. I

dfbm #67 - Morning Raga Pt. I

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Syncopation, Oscillation, Resonation, Modulation, Meditation. 
Finally a new two hours program of solo guitar and solo synthesizer and bird songs.

It's been a while that I made a "mixtape". So much great music came out lately and so much great music sits in my archive, I ended up with a 4 hours program that I decided to split. I also threw some electronic tracks in between to not tiring you (and me) too much from all the steel string picking.

I am happy to have a new track by Nick Jonah Davis on this. His album should come out anytime soon. Brad Rose as The North Sea is maybe more known for his heavy synth noise stuff, but in the beginning he played some really nice psychedelic folk. The track on here is a favorite of mine.

Even if I am not so much a fan of Emeralds, "Candy Shoppe" is just beautiful and sweet! Ivanovich is Chuck Johnson with improvised guitar music. The kind of stuff you've probably heard lately by guitarists like Shane Parish or Tashi Dorji or you remember Hans Reichel, who played the acoustic guitar... uhm, different.

John Fahey and Robbie Basho are on here, for name dropping reasons and to meet expectations. Classics! Basho's piece "The Hajj" is from "Song of the Stallion", with the weird, fantasy, flying white horse cover. Beautiful moving piece of music!

Organum is David Jackman from the U.K. Sphyx from 2002 is my favorite of him. It's etherical and beautiful music made of sounds and noises. Check out Aurora, it's pure bliss - just too long for the mix.

Samuel Gray Edmondson short Suite is highly recommended. It's a perfect night time listen (or early early morning, when it's still dark)

There is much more to say, but I don't want to keep you from download and listen to this mix. There is a second one coming and you can expect it as good as this one. Seriously! I hope you'll enjoy it and discover something new. Share it, leave a comment or just say hi.

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  1. Chris Forsyth ~ Soft History – (from Dreams, 2009) web
  2. Sarah Louise ~ Home Over Yonder Variations Pt. 2 – (from Field Guide, 2015) web/Sarah's bandcamp
  3. Andy McLeod ~ Morning Raga – (2015) web
  4. Mudboy ~ Sailing Song – (from This Is Folk Music, 2005) amazon
  5. Mariano Rodriguez ~ Sendero Luminoso – (from Liberation Theology for beginners., 2014) web
  6. James Tweeddale ~ Passage – (from Passage, 2013) web
  7. Samuel Gray Edmondson ~ III: The Midnight Plain – (from Suite, 2014) web
  8. Cluster & Eno ~ One – (from Cluster & Eno, 1977) web
  9. Forklongdaruplat ~ Glas in Lood IV – () web
  10. M. Mucci ~ Chase Down Alice St. – (from Time Lost, 2010) web
  11. Robbie Basho ~ The Hajj – (from Song Of The Stallion, 1971) amazon
  12. Luke Hirst ~ Prospector Walter E. Scott – (from Desert Ditties, 2015) web
  13. The North Sea ~ Marigold Perfume – (from Underneath The Jesus Tree, 2006) amazon
  14. John Fahey ~ Springtime in Azalea City – (from Azalea City and Other Toxic Nostalgia, 1990) web
  15. Toby Hay ~ The Waterfall – (from Marteg EP, 2014) web
  16. Rick Tomlinson ~ Daylight Over Calvi – (from Night Time Recordings From Goteborg, 2008) amazon
  17. Organum ~ Æo – (from Sphyx, 2002) amazon
  18. Nick Jonah Davis ~ Double Peace – (from House of Dragons, 2014) web / bandcamp
  19. James Blackshaw ~ Spiralling Skeleton Memorial – (from Waking Into Sleep, 2006) amazon
  20. Emeralds ~ Candy Shoppe – (from Does It Look Like I'm Here?, 2010) amazon
  21. Ivanovich ~ Doina – (from Solo Guitar, 1999) web
  22. Cursed Lizard (Bill MacKay & Matthew Schneider) ~ Pastoral Farewell (Hello Home No More) – (from Rite at Dawn, 2014) web
  23. Joshua Emery Blatchley ~ Les Bois! Les Bois! Voyez Les Bois! – (from VDSQ - Solo Acoustic Volume One, 2010) web
  24. Gareth Dickson ~ Solina Sea – (from The Dance, 2010) amazon
  25. Áine O'Dwyer ~ For The Souls Of Our Fleas – (from Music For Church Cleaners, 2012) web


Nick Jonah Davis - "Double Peace"


Random images without source or credits from my tumblr.

PS: I think I start a compilation series called "Resonational Anthem Vol. X" how about that?

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