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dfbm #91 - Songs of Wild Nothing Pt. V

dfbm #91
Songs of Wild Nothing Pt. V

A new edition of my mix(tape) series “Songs of Wild Nothing”. Two hours of vernacular electronica, psych folk, fake world music and desert blues. Initially I planned this to be a pure drone, ambient mix, but I fell asleep while compiling …
dfbm #68 - Morning Raga Pt. II

dfbm #68
Morning Raga Pt. II

Vernacular Synth'n'Strings. Here is the second installment of Morning Ragas, which are no real ragas in music theoretical and in Hindu sense. Raga is used here as an adjective of style rather than the definitive suchness of …
Chris Rainier - Man And The Echo

Chris Rainier
Man And The Echo

Chris Rainier is a musician and artist from Melbourne, Australia, now living in the U.K. Before I heard his music I saw the beautiful white and blue vinyl with the maps printed on the inlay and so I looked it up and found out, he's playing a prep …
dfbm #67 - Morning Raga Pt. I

dfbm #67
Morning Raga Pt. I

Syncopation, Oscillation, Resonation, Modulation, Meditation. Finally a new two hours program of solo guitar and solo synthesizer and bird songs. It's been a while that I made a "mixtape". So much great music came out lately and so mu …
Neden ~ s/t

Neden ~ s/t

I get all sorts of submissions. Mostly Hip Hop, Dance, Hard Rock. I guess my e-mail landed in some promo-submission-power-tool. These submissions get a powerful spamfilter treatment in my mailbox. Usually, the "Kosmische" or "Berl …
Andrew Tuttle – 4064

Andrew Tuttle – 4064

Barebone Folktronica from Australia. I never thought there is something cosmic in banjo based music, but Andrew Tuttle proved me wrong. When I skipped through Brisbane I fell immediately in love with the frenetic banjo playing. But when those synthie …
Stara Rzeka - Cień chmury nad ukrytym polem

Stara Rzeka
Cień chmury nad ukrytym polem

Stara Rzeka (Old River) is the solo project of Kuba Ziołek from Poland. Thanks to the Weedtemple blog who featured his fellow-countryman. Stara Rzeka starts strong with a repetetiv fingerpicking guitar number that dissolves in some strumming and …
un automne à Lob-Nor - (41°N; 90°E) + s/t

un automne à Lob
Nor - (41°N; 90°E) + s/t

1999/2001 # post rock, electronica, ambient
Is a post-rock band from France, that existed more than ten years ago, still relevant? Probably not at the first sight, but if you are into ambient music and post-rock, then take the chance to discover them. Think about early Mogwai and current Taylo …
Matthew A. Wilkinson - Post Namers

Matthew A. Wilkinson
Post Namers

This is a bit unusual, I featured Matthew A. Wilkinson on one of the latest mixtapes here on dfbm. After the more experimental sSs EP I didn't know what to expect when he send me the link to a new album. So this is kind of weird, otherworldly ele …

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