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Nikolai Fox - Two Fiddle Tunes for Guitar

Nikolai Fox
Two Fiddle Tunes for Guitar

Quick post. In 2008 Nikolai Fox released the really cool docu Music for the Sky with eccentric revivalist old-time fiddlers living in Vermont and Western Massachusetts, USA. It also features a young Anthony Pasquarosa playing old time music, John Spe …
dfbm #108 - Songs of Wild Nothing Pt. 13

dfbm #108 - Songs of Wild Nothing Pt. 13

Things changed since the last Songs for Wild Nothing mixtape. We have to believe that everything has to go worse before it gets better. I don't know if that is true. What I know is true, that music is beautiful and hopefully helps to get through bad …
Elijah McLaughlin Ensemble - s/t

Elijah McLaughlin Ensemble

Out of the Windy City of Chicago, comes this fantastic debut by the Elijah McLaughlin Ensemble. A modern day avant-garde string band consisting of guitar, bass and hammered dulcimer. The hammered dulcimer exists in almost every folk music tradition a …
dfbm #107 - Songs of Wild Nothing Pt. 12

dfbm #107 - Songs of Wild Nothing Pt. 12

For nr. 12 of the Songs for Wild Nothing series I compiled some really sweet tracks from the last 40 or so years of mostly self-releasing singer-songwriters. TL;DR Starting off with Lucky Luke, a Scottish psych-folk-rock collective from the mid 2000. …
Joost Dijkema - Time Thief

Joost Dijkema
Time Thief

If you are of the age were your parents put up records with songs and fairy tales to entertain you, then the record cover could remind you on one of those children records. If you flip the cover and check the back, you could easily mistake that hands …
H Moore - Woods to Coast E​.​P.

H Moore
Woods to Coast E.P.

2019 # folk, psych folk, banjo
UK based banjo player H Moore released a bunch of very cool banjo centered eps over the last years. He mainly plays his own material but also recorded some known tunes like Fred Cockerham's "Little Satchel"1 or "Wabash Blues" on the Sarpa E.P.. It's …
Kevin Henry - Last Thoughts

Kevin Henry
Last Thoughts

Kevin Henry's album Last Thoughts is the soundtrack to a documentary and road movie he produced in 2006. In this award-winning documentary, filmmaker Kevin Henry retraces the travels of his grandfather Rob, a former rail-riding hobo who tape-record …
Rick Deitrick – Gentle Wilderness, River  Sun River Moon

Rick Deitrick
Gentle Wilderness + River Sun River Moon

Tompkins Square just reissued another gem from the treasure trove of their Imaginational Anthem Vol. 8 compilation, while the next one1 is already in the pipes. On that compilation, record collector Michael Klausman and Brooks Rice shared the most ob …
dfbm #96 - Songs of Wild Nothing Pt. VII

dfbm #96
Songs of Wild Nothing Pt. VII

After some silence I worked through my stacks of music to compile a new edition of Songs of Wild Nothing. tl;dr Starting off with an exclusive song by Simone Romei aka Desmoines. He recorded a beautiful folk album that should be of interest for every …

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