Andrew Tuttle – 4064

Andrew Tuttle – 4064

Andrew Tuttle – 4064

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Barebone Folktronica from Australia.

I never thought there is something cosmic in banjo based music, but Andrew Tuttle proved me wrong. When I skipped through Brisbane I fell immediately in love with the frenetic banjo playing. But when those synthie sounds whooshing across the picture like little ufos, I felt the warm fuzz of the former days of knob twiddling, that got lost with all the rush of so called "Kosmisches Gedudel".

4064 is two-thirds electronica - not too fancy and not too formless - the other third is the banjo and this EP is short enough to keeps up your attention.

Andrew Tuttle was formerly operating under the name Anonymeye and released a plethora of sounds, always between acoustic instruments and electronic manipulation.

Start with the most current thing and it's this EP + a remix project of Brisbane.

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