Victor Florence ~ Live @ WVFS 89​.​7 (6​/​30​/​2014)

Victor Florence ~ Live @ WVFS 89​.​7 (6​/​30​/​2014)

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Victor Florence is kind of a constant here. I didn't know so much about him, but since he kept recording and publishing music it was easy to follow is path. When he started changing his style from heartbroken-college-boy-connor-oberst-acoustic-guitar-strummings to disturbing sound explosions and sonic experiments I knew he will be around for the next years, making music, because he's pushing himself further, learning new things and evolve.

Still he's a mystery to me. His latest output, like Borderline seemed to me like a catharsis, like he tried to exorcize ghosts of a lost love or something. I don't know. Between whispering folk songs it get's pretty harsh. And that's fine. It's an intense ride. It's personal.

So here is an interview where he talks with his host about their love for Nick Drake and Boris, his time in Brooklyn, Insomnia, movies. It's a really interesting listen and also shows that radio is an important medium to learn about new artists.

Also recommended is Victor's live recording with some nice subtle post processing and he is working on some new stuff under the name No-Death which is more a Post Punk solo show with the same topics.

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