dfbm #110 - Morning Raga Pt. 23

dfbm #110 - Morning Raga Pt. 23

dfbm #110 - Morning Raga Pt. 23

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A happy and healthy year 2021, a happy 1st birthday to covid 19 that still chokes us and leaves some without any taste, and happy new president to the US of A. After getting that off my chest I want to move on and tease another two hours of steel string guitar euphoria of my mixtape series Morning Raga (C-120)


In spring last year, Tompkins Square Records asked me if I want to curate another edition of their famous compilation series Imaginational Anthem and of course I said yes, despite the fact that there was a pandemic and nobody knew if there is a tomorrow.

My goal was it to find new guitarists from the other side of the ocean (if you take Tompkins Square point of view) and get that seal of approval from a very influencal label.

Now, I have to say that it is a bit of a bummer that Imaginational Anthem X is an online-only release, but given those uncertain time of a global pandemic it's a save move.

In record time (1 month) every artist was able to contribute an exclusive track and I put together a digital booklet to honor the medium and give listeners the much missing booklet esecially if they are just listening on streaming services).

So please check out the Imaginational Anthem digital booklet and from there you'll find your way to your preferred download or streaming service!

So for Morning Raga Pt. 23 I am happy to have included at least 3 exclusive and unreleased tracks from artists that contributed to IAX. These tracks are basically B sides but nonetheless, awesome.

So there you have a beautiful guitar duet by Simone Romei and Joost Djikema, who went on tour in spring 2020, just two days before the shit hit the fan and Simone was stuck in his home near the Lombardy area in Italy for the following months. Joost made it out in time and just got the lock up and down treatment in the Netherlands.

The track "Woodcarvers cave" might be inspired by their concert at my place.

Waswas, an Italian living in the Netherlands and Jonas Meersmans are the other two with exclusive songs. Jonas' track is a version of a previously releaed track. I don't remember which one, but I encourage you to check out his bandcamp for some really beautiful guitar chamber music. And check out this latest recording session:

Another guitarist from IAX is Aurélien "Mouss" Garrin from France who has an impressive backcatalog filled to the brim with solo guitar pieces ranging from classial guitar over singer-songwriter stuff to american primitivism. Don't miss that.

I'm also happy to have found another Takoma School student from Czechia, David Dunovský. he has some nice guitar miniatures on his soundcloud.

Two masters of the steel string guitar released a new album in 2020 - Nick Jonah Davis put out "When the Sun Came" and Steffen Basho-Junghans released "The Dancer on the Hill". While Davis is going through his catalog of styles, plays Basho-Junghans his beautiful ragas for that he is known for and that channel Robbie Bashos ghost to lift up Basho-Junghans beautiful work.

You might notice that the mix is not all Sunflower River Blues, but is also leaning into classical guitar a bit. Like Mason Lindahl who is going to be released on Tompkins Square Records soon, is some real fresh (and also quite dark) sounding contemporary guitar or Murat Keyder from Philadelphia with roots in Turkish music. Also notable is Andrew Creaghan from Canada with an excerpt from his 1985 album "The Rainbow Bridge", which is quite rare I believe. And another more classical leaning piece is "Petite Suite Pour L'ailleurs" by Aurélien "Mouss" Garrin is just the perfect music to be carried away. Beautifully executed and not from this world.

Another gem might be an old Daniel Bachman demo named "Gandy Dancer" from 2010, that turned into "Marfa, TX", relased on "Oh be joyful". It's still under his moniker Sacred Harp that he started with. Matthew aka Rag Lore sent it to me and I'm all for old demo takes of my favorite musicians.

I love how that track has still the raw Bachman drive where tried to play so fast as if he is running away from any potential mistakes.

Also included a new track by M. Mucci, from a compilation - something between acoustic guitar and ambient music and something obscure from all time fave and guitar shaman Anthony Pasquarosa (I did not come up with calling him shaman, I believe that was Steve Lowenthal - it just stuck with me).

Ok, thanks for letting me bore you with my more or less informative blurb. I hope you enjoy the mix, get carried away by the tunes, go down rabbit holes and if you have recommendations for new music, let me know.

Download Stream @ Mixcloud


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