Andrew Bowsher ~ Porthcawl Primitive

Produced by Rufus Mule, and recorded in stereo direct to 2-track tape at the Skeptic Tank.
Copyright Skeptic Records 2011.
The Bap is on Skeptic.

Porthcawl Primitive concentrates on the craft of compact tunes, but places them in unsettling and surprising juxtapositions. Includes Blind Boy Baxter's plaintive The Whippoorwill Wail from his legendary 1932 Chicago session as an extra added bonus.

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Andrew Bowsher ~ Porthcawl Primitive

Andrew Bowsher ~ Porthcawl Primitive

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Andrew Bowsher from the UK is another steel string wizard with a more experimental approach. In Porthcawl Primitive he mixes field recordings into his tunes to create a geographic reference point (or just to let you trippin' a bit harder) and tape hiss is a constant on this recording. This fits well with his love for old country blues recordings which are lo-fi artifacts from gone times too. It rumbles and rattles all the way through - so be prepared for some aural confusion. I like that a lot.

There are a bunch of records on his bandcamp. I've chosen this one, because it's maybe his strongest, at least it looks like a complete package and I like the 70ies, Avant-Folk kind of looking cover (does that make sense?)

Rags'n'Ragas, Psych Folk-Fingerpicking-Country-Blues lover should give it a listen.
Like I said, there is a lot to discover.

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