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Neden ~ s/t

Neden ~ s/t

I get all sorts of submissions. Mostly Hip Hop, Dance, Hard Rock. I guess my e-mail landed in some promo-submission-power-tool. These submissions get a powerful spamfilter treatment in my mailbox. Usually, the "Kosmische" or "Berl …
Kösmonaut - Emanations


Genre: Kosmische, Synth Label: Ethereal Mother Tapes Kösmonaut is a guy from Texas who dedicate his music to the German electronic pioneers like Con Schnitzler or Klaus Schulze. Berliner Schule and Kosmische Musik may have a revival nowadays. Ma …
Music for Headphones - 2011 -

Music for Headphones
2011 -

Genre: Neo Krautrock, Space Rock, Kosmische Musik Label: self is a solid piece of Spacerock. Floating, romantic, kosmisch. The coverartwork may remember you on Kraftwerk's Autobahn and this is just one reference. The album sounds lik …

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