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Library of Babel - s/t

Library of Babel

​ As Library of Babel, the guitarist and music teacher Shane Parish, cellist Emmalee Hunnicutt and bassis Frank Meadows found together to create some sort of free folk/improv chamber music. All three are hailing from Asheville, NC the town and …
Bodytunnel - Wade Lonesome

Wade Lonesome

​ Outsider folk from Brooklyn that channels Jandek and Oral Constitution to make you feel uncomfortable. It's a good Saturday morning listen (if you have a hangover from getting drunk alone at home on a Friday night). Guitar, cello, sax and …
Tashi Dorji/Marisa Anderson - Split

Tashi Dorji/Marisa Anderson

Asheville based guitarist Tashi Dorji seemed to come out of nowhere with his vinyl debut on Ben Chasny’s own Hermit Hut imprint, which brought him quite some attention. But Dorji releases date back to 2009 with Solo Improvisations as his actual …
Chris Rainier - Man And The Echo

Chris Rainier
Man And The Echo

Chris Rainier is a musician and artist from Melbourne, Australia, now living in the U.K. Before I heard his music I saw the beautiful white and blue vinyl with the maps printed on the inlay and so I looked it up and found out, he's playing a prep …
William Tyler ~ Blue Ash Montgomery

William Tyler ~ Blue Ash Montgomery

Funded by a Kickstarter campaign, Lightning Records out of the "desert" of Los Angeles recently releasend the first batch of a quarterly tape edition and fanzine. Their goal is to bring Rock 'n Roll back in peoples life (what ever this …
Folklore Tapes – BIRDomenlore

Folklore Tapes – BIRDomenlore

Folklore Tapes is a music, art and research project from Great Britain that leaves me back with many questions that I don't want to get answered. There is a mystery around them or him (the blog is connected with the name David Chatton Barker …
Mixtape #47 - The Magical Promise

Mixtape #47
The Magical Promise

Road trips which include driving into the sunrise hold magical promise. (profp) This mix took ages to setup - but I am happy to have finished. Maybe it's right in time if you leave for vacation and need some soundtrack for your night drives. …
The Infant Cycle - A Mysterious Disc

The Infant Cycle
A Mysterious Disc

Experimental, Avantgarde, Soundscapes The Ceiling The Infant Cycle is Jim deJong from Canada. I know him since the beginning of my own musical struggles. We released stuff together and I always admired him for his creative use of sounds, the arrange …
R.I.P. Richard Lainhart – February 14, 1953 - December 30, 2011

R.I.P. Richard Lainhart – February 14, 1953
December 30, 2011

ambient, electronica, soundscapes, drone exovo Sadly, on December, 30th 2011, electronic music composer, filmmaker, and sound engineer Richard Lainhart passed away. I learned about Richards work, especially White Night, because we both were part …

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