Bodytunnel - Wade Lonesome

both faces applied

two gives, help no one anyway, what Neopolitan! Question again, several decades, now forever tomorrow. A hoot! A Hoot! A Hoot!!

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Wade Lonesome

Bodytunnel - Wade Lonesome

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​ Outsider folk from Brooklyn that channels Jandek and Oral Constitution to make you feel uncomfortable. It's a good Saturday morning listen (if you have a hangover from getting drunk alone at home on a Friday night).

Guitar, cello, sax and mouth are choking sounds into an empty room. Sometimes there is street noise.

With the otherworldy price tag of 100 USD for the download and no information, this could be a mysterious outsider music project. But we are in the age of the internet, so there are not many secrets.

It appears to be a project by Inokentiy Aksentiev who plays in bands like Dagger Shores among others. The high price is probably to prevent people from downloading since new bandcamp accounts cannot offer stream-only anymore, without generating money. Screw them.

The following movie is not connected to the music.

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