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Library of Babel - s/t

Library of Babel

​ As Library of Babel, the guitarist and music teacher Shane Parish, cellist Emmalee Hunnicutt and bassis Frank Meadows found together to create some sort of free folk/improv chamber music. All three are hailing from Asheville, NC the town and …
Ancient Faces - 2010 - Wilderness Mother

Ancient Faces
2010 - Wilderness Mother

Genre: Freakout Jam Folktronica Label: Girls Are So Pretty [records] Naturalistic tribal music made by urban people I suppose. It reminds me a bit on Teeth Mountain in rhythmic patterns and a bit Animal Collective (haha nowadays nearly everythin …
Thuja - Ghost Plants

Ghost Plants

Genre: Acoustic Freeform Psych Folk Drone Label: Emperor Jones (US)Similar Artists: Pete Wright, The North Sea, Skygreen Leopards Thuja released a lot records, all with untitled tracks and all of them with a beautiful organic athmosphere. For me it s …
Hochenkeit - I Love You

I Love You

Genre: Psych Folk, Freeform Label: Road Cone Psych Folk with some Asian ethnic refrences and Freeform Krautrockrumblings. Excellent record! Tracklisting Ritual Nacirema Help Me/Help You Pios Bori? (Who Can Tell?) Smokin' The Astronaut …
Ashtray Navigations - Tristes Tropiques

Ashtray Navigations
Tristes Tropiques

Genre: Avantgarde, Freeform, Noise, Drone Label: Betley Welcomes Careful Drivers, Blackbean And Placenta Tape Club, Rhizome one-man-and-a-tape-machine-against-the-universe... The highlight is about ten minutes in when some of th …
The Punks - Thank You for the Alternative Rock

The Punks
Thank You for the Alternative Rock

2005 # indie, noise, freeform
Genre: Freeform Noise Rock with less Rock, Improvisation Label: 5 rue cristine (US) Similar Artists: Gang Gang Dance, maybe This record got everywhere bad reviews, so this seems really bad music to die for. But give them a try. I can't remember any …
Dronaement - A Collection of Songs About Norway

A Collection of Songs About Norway

Genre: drone, post-rock, ambient, Psychedelic, Freeform Label: private release Similar Artists: Sigur Rós, Station 17, Rare release by this german drone outfit. This time with more "song" oriented work. Some treated guitartunes, loops and organ …

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