Thuja - Ghost Plants

Ghost Plants

Thuja - Ghost Plants

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Genre: Acoustic Freeform Psych Folk Drone
Emperor Jones (US)
Similar Artists: Pete Wright, The North Sea, Skygreen Leopards

Thuja released a lot records, all with untitled tracks and all of them with a beautiful organic athmosphere. For me it sounds always like a recording in a greenhouse.
Improvised dreamscapes with weird freeform freak outs and mantras. This is not rockmusic! Oh, and Glenn Donaldson of The Skygreen Leopards is part of that collective. Wonderful!

Ghost Plants is as savory and involved as improv music gets. It isn’t a sound effects record but should be. There are piano, guitar, percussion, electronics and other shit mingling freely but in a cohesive way.
  • 13 untitled tracks
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