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dfbm #80 - Cosmique Chords

dfbm #80
Cosmique Chords

How to glue psych- and raga rock, krautrock, british folk and solo guitar together? Just fill the gaps with artists who operate between those fields. Artists who know how to patch a Korg MS 20 as well as pick tricky patterns on a steel string guitar. …
First Listen: Odawas ~ Reflections of a Pink Laser

First Listen: Odawas ~ Reflections of a Pink Laser

Dying For Bad Music proudly presents a First Listen Experience of "Reflections of a Pink Laser," featuring new and outstanding work from the two Oakland fringe psychonauts of ODAWAS. "Reflections of a Pink Laser" will be release …
Jaye Bartell ~ Loyalty

Jaye Bartell ~ Loyalty

I accidently clicked somewhere a link to youtube and ended up at a weird video by Jaye Bartell. I liked his voice from the beginning, it was haunting and it sounded almost a bit off. It reminded me on something I wasn't able to name. Later I foun …
Zachary Cale – Blue Rider

Zachary Cale – Blue Rider

On his 4th studio album, Zachary Cale goes back to his roots of him alone with a guitar and words coming out of his mouth. His songs work very well in a full band context like on Noise of Welcome or the older album See-Saw by his band Illuminations o …
Mixtape #40 - Codeine Party

Mixtape #40
Codeine Party

Genre: Psych Pop, Americana, Garage Pop, Surf What to say about this? The cover is taken from a tape-compilation from the early nineties, called Parocktikum II. It was an important radio-program in former GDR (socialistic East Germany). Th …
Hochenkeit - I Love You

I Love You

Genre: Psych Folk, Freeform Label: Road Cone Psych Folk with some Asian ethnic refrences and Freeform Krautrockrumblings. Excellent record! Tracklisting Ritual Nacirema Help Me/Help You Pios Bori? (Who Can Tell?) Smokin' The Astronaut …

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