Alex Archibald -  Accidental Waltzes

Alex Archibald
Accidental Waltzes

Short solo guitar miniatures by Alex Archibald from Vancouver, BC. A short detour into experimental areas with Drunken Transition and into banjo land with Make Horse. The obligatory and very nice slide/lap steel piece comes in earthy lofi fashio …
dfbm #70 - June Apple

dfbm #70
June Apple

Welcome back to over an hour of old time jams, banjo pickin' guys and gals and music scratched out of rusty wires. Most stuff is old and from the well known sources like Smithsonian Folkways, Dust-to-Digital, Tompkins Square. Speaking of …
Lebo Jenkins - Couch's Barn and Fretless

Lebo Jenkins
Couch's Barn and Fretless

I met Lebo Jenkins in early spring when he was organizing and playing on an event with Moses Nesh and Sarah Louise in Atlanta. He knows a lot about old-time music, banjos, old pickers and he likes to tell stories. He can scratch tunes out of a f …
Andy McLeod - From the Attic

Andy McLeod
From the Attic

This is the first EP of fingerstyle guitarist Andy McLeod from Philadelphia, PA. Inspired by Jack Rose, Pelt, Fahey, Delta Blues and rural Chester County, McLeod taught himself how to finger pick the guitar in open tunings and play the banjo in c …
The Great Park - The Bootleg - Schwarzenberg, GER, 16-May-2015

The Great Park
The Bootleg - Schwarzenberg, GER, 16-May-2015

Stephen Burch is a modern bard and troubadour, who is travelling around with his guitar and a suitcase full of weird and sometimes dark stories. As The Great Park, Burch is playing his so called Problem Folk and the stories and songs are ranging …
dfbm #69 - Beating the System

dfbm #69
Beating the System

This new program is less revolutionary than the title might suggest, but I guess people like Charles Manson, Doc Corbin Dart from American HC legend the Cruzifucks and Vic Bondi out of Chicagos HC scene caused at least some cracks in the system. …
Scott William Urquhart - Rosie's Smile EP

Scott William Urquhart
Rosie's Smile EP

Back to guitar business. Scottish guitarist Scott William Urquhart sent me his EP of lovely original solo guitar pieces. It starts pretty strong with a playful, uplifting tune, the title track, that alternates with a nice droning part. The second so …
China - Towards The Sun

Towards The Sun

Imagine you get into your car on a rainy April day in Atlanta and five hours later you'll end up in Florida at midnight and the air is warm and soft. On this trip you have a thousand tracks on your iPod and only 5 gets played over 5 hours in repe …
Nathan Golub / Wood Ear - Nothing in Return

Nathan Golub / Wood Ear
Nothing in Return

From the first tone that came out of my speakers, I knew this will be too short. On this new release on Hello Good Friend Tapes, Nathan Golub shares the cassette with his friend, singer-songwriter Nate Tarr aka Wood Ear. Nothing in Return sta …

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