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Scott Wainwright - Talking Backwoods

Scott Wainwright
Talking Backwoods

First I came across Scott Wainwright's album "Sentimental Debris" which is a pretty nice and pleasing mix of slide guitar, pre war blues and american primitivism. But then I checked out his 2018 album "Talking Backwoods" and the references to Aphex T …
Lorna Rowe - Who Tells the Runner

Lorna Rowe
Who Tells the Runner

Fantastic solo guitar/american primitive mini album by Lorna Rowe from Canada, that flew a bit under the radar1. Alex Archibald introduced her music indirectly to me, via a facebook post. I'm really thankful for that. Lorna Rowe keeps it short and on …
Devin Frank - Evening's Fantasia

Devin Frank
Evening's Fantasia

Devin Frank hails from the Midwestern United States, Champaign-Urbana, IL, a town known for its University where the Netscape browser was developed and sound-artist Maryanne Amacher did graduate work in acoustics and computer science. That's all I kn …
Des Moines - Like Freshly Mown Grass

Des Moines
Like Freshly Mown Grass

"Like Freshly Mown Grass" by Italian singer-songwriter Simone Romei aka Des Moines is one of my favorite records in 2018. A wonderful album, filled with the most beautiful and saddest folk songs and superb solo acoustic guitar instrumentals. The whol …
Steve Palmer - 2

Steve Palmer

In 2013 I found Steve Palmer's release Fables of the Feral Boys on bandcamp and the lofi psych folk style with strong John Fahey references just struck more than one chord with me. I contacted him and asked if he would record an album for DFBM. After …

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