dfbm #88 - Morning­ Raga­ Pt.­ XI

dfbm #88
Morning­ Raga­ Pt.­ XI

And welcome to a new Morning Raga edition. Two hours of solo acoustic guitar music, often referred to as American Primitive, like John Fahey called it. It still amazes me that Fahey influenced generations of musicians till today. And it's not onl …
Luke Hirst - It's Illinois & Soul For Me

Luke Hirst
Luke Hirst - It's Illinois & Soul For Me

Luke Hirst ist kind of a constant here and one of my favorite fingerstyle guitarist who's flying under the radar for quite some time. I discovered him with the album Farewell Adventures which was a pleasant mix of fingerstyle guitar, Fahey worshi …
China - Pool of Tears

Pool of Tears

2016 # dream pop, psych
Summer 2016 – everything is heated up – climate, emotions, people. Would jumping into a pool of tears cool us down? I guess we will find out later this year. In the meantime the band China from Northern California supplies a bitter-sw …
dfbm #87 - Songs of Wild Nothing Pt. III

dfbm #87
Songs of Wild Nothing Pt. III

Songs of Wild Nothing is the series for all the weird and wonderful, old and new tunes I come across. Be it old-timey gospel or hillbilly tunes, bedroom pop, psych rock - I'll find a way to stitch them together. It's starts with an short accapel …
Borealis - Loma Aerea

Loma Aerea

​Asturian guitarist, Eduardo Suarez aka Borealis just released his second full length album Loma Aerea on the local label Truco Espárrago and the Germany based Woodland Recordings. It starts with field recordings from Asturian forests a …
Ethet - Eddy


Mysterious 8-bit American Primitivism. Judging by the cover this could be some midi tracker 8-bit album with retro computer game music. It's not, but wouldn't it be cool if there was a John Fahey 8-bit cover album? Beach Boys, Beatles, Mu …
Nicole Ruggiero + The Spookfish - 2016 - Improvisations

Nicole Ruggiero + The Spookfish
2016 - Improvisations

Dan Goldberg aka The Spookfish is a musician and music curator from New York. As The Spookfish he records all kind of music, from lofi electronica to lofi Fahey covers. As a curator he organizes the Mountain Shows (facebook page) where musicians and …
Jack Wirth - 2016 - Jack Wirth's Album

Jack Wirth
2016 - Jack Wirth's Album

Jack Wirth is a young guitarist from Woodland, CA. I've featured him on Morning Raga Pt. VII and VIII and thought he's from England, but apparently he is not. Basically you can give yourself to one hour (over the course of two albums) of …
dfbm #86 - Morning Raga Pt. X

dfbm #86
Morning Raga Pt. X

Before I hit the pause button for some summer holidays, I want to leave this new Morning Raga Mix here. As always, it's a fine blend of old and new solo guitar music. Traditional tunes, contemporary pieces, more acoustic than electronic …

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