Ameel Brecht - Polygraph Heartbeat

Ameel Brecht
Polygraph Heartbeat

This is the solo debut of Ameel Brecht, member of the Belgian deep-listening, acoustic drone ensemble Razen. Brecht is a trained guitar player who sends you with Polygraph Heartbeat on a journey through the body of a steel string resonator guitar and …
Egle Sommacal - Interview

Egle Sommacal

During the last months I’ve had the pleasure to spend some time with Egle Sommacal and there are some thoughts I can’t get out of my head since I met him. The subtractive attitude that let you catch the purest and more abstract perception of emot …
dfbm #99 - Songs of Wild Nothing Pt. 9

dfbm #99
Songs of Wild Nothing Pt. 9

Filled to the brim with sweet and weird tunes, I finally finished up a new installment of Songs of Wild Nothing. It's been a while and I can't delay this longer. This mix contains all the gems and classics and newly discovered wonders from the world …
Marc Spitse - Steelstrung

Marc Spitse

From the beautiful Netherlands hails Marc Spitse and according to his bandcamp, he will, from now on, release a new album every year. We take you by the word. Spitse's debut is called Steelstrung, which gives away the fact that this is about finger s …
Opossum Sun Trail - Death Raga Run-on Sentence

Opossum Sun Trail
Death Raga Run-on Sentence

Oh man, this Opposum Sun Trail album is hard to descibe. It's like a menu of acid laced greek yoghurt, after a main course of spaghetti western with a side of sauerkraut-rock and american goth primitivism. Death Raga Run-on Sentence is a really cool, …
Matteo Fiorini - Le Grand électrificateur des âmes

Matteo Fiorini
Le Grand électrificateur des âmes

Very interesting guitar music from Italy again. The setting Matteo Fiorini has chosen to record his debut, is a former church with a beautiful natural reverb. He went there to let his guitar tell stories. Stories about Le grand électrificateur, a mo …
dfbm #98 - Songs of Wild Nothing Pt. 8

dfbm #98
Songs of Wild Nothing Pt. 8

Welcome to a new episode of Songs of Wild Nothing. I think I've never described the purpose of this show or mix, so this might be a good opportunity to give some insight. tl;dr Over the eight or so years, this label and music blog exists I've always …
Mark Fosson - Solo Guitar

Mark Fosson
Solo Guitar

Digging in the Dust, the reissued demo tapes by Mark Fosson that he sent to Takoma Records in the late 70s, was one of the first records of a rediscovered American Primitive guitarists I've ever heard. Sure, there was Robbie Basho, Peter Walker, but …
dfbm #97 - Morning Raga Pt. 16

dfbm #97
Morning Raga Pt. 16

All strings considered. A new mix with most recent and almost forgotten solo acoustic and electric guitar work. tl;dr Tim Pilcher & Monica Lord released their debut on the label Dismal Niche a label from Missouri who also released a new Scott Tum …

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