Opossum Sun Trail - Death Raga Run-on Sentence

Recording/mixing by Michael Dieter
Mastering by Ryan Roberts at Electric Kitchen

The following musicians appear on these works:

Craig Kurumada - gaida
Michael Dieter - guitars, drums, bass, flute, banjo
Michael Meyers - drums
James Westfall - tablas
Russ Thallheimer - saxophone
Jason Valdez - drums
Chico Taibi - fashion consulting
Matt Barry - finger cymbals

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Opossum Sun Trail
Death Raga Run-on Sentence

Opossum Sun Trail - Death Raga Run-on Sentence

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Oh man, this Opposum Sun Trail album is hard to descibe.

It's like a menu of acid laced greek yoghurt, after a main course of spaghetti western with a side of sauerkraut-rock and american goth primitivism.

Death Raga Run-on Sentence is a really cool, short, instrumental album that could be the perfect sountrack to a Jodorowski movie (or maybe there are even more edgy psychedelic western flicks).

Since I don't have much information about the group, I leave it with those buzz words and encourage you to check them out yourself.

It's available as download and compact cassette for a really good price.

Here is an older, short video:

el topo

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