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Children Egoism - 2010 - twelve

Children Egoism
2010 - twelve

Genre: Psychedelic, Experimental Label: NOECHO Records Found this by randomly clicking comments on my MySpace (you know, those advertisings ;-)) It's a short ep which is really interesting. It's about dualism "Twelve" represents an alchemyc dualism …
Sharon Tate's Children - 1991 - More 7"

Sharon Tate's Children
1991 - More 7"

Genre: Indie Rock, Punk Sharon Tate's Children - More This is related to this post where I talk about shitty old stuff from my teen years radio experience. I think this was one of the most uninteresting posts ever, right? You want …
Antiform - 1995 - Bhavana (Tape)

1995 - Bhavana (Tape)

Genre: Psychedelic, Experimental Label: Xcreteria (CAN) If you like Rapoon, Zoviet France and Dronæment :P This is one of my favorite tapes from my former industrial/ambient days. It's the predecessor of Orphx which is more heavier, technoid indust …
Mixtape #15 - March Hares

Mixtape #15
March Hares

Genre: Psych Folk, Homerecording, Pop So goodbye wintertime - the last spots of snow here in the mountains are melting and the sun shines bright and show the dead ground and weed and trees. But not for so long, new life will break through. Hello spr …
Natural Snow Buildings - 2010 - The Centauri Agent

Natural Snow Buildings
2010 - The Centauri Agent

Genre: Drone, Experimental, Ambient, Psychedelic Label: Vulpiano Records The new Natural Snow Buildings release "The Centauri Agent" is kindly available for free download at Vulpiano Records. Once again, Mehdi and Solange (also known for their parti …
The Owl Service - 2010 - Rise me Lads

The Owl Service
2010 - Rise me Lads

Genre: Folk Label: Rif Mountain On their latest EP "Rise me Lads", inspired by Plough Monday Traditions, The Owl Service create wonderful folk instrumentals. The music of The Owl Service is generally inspired by the old mystical legends and folklore …
Woodsman - 2010 - beko_34

2010 - beko_34

Genre: Krautrock, Psych Label: Beko Beko is a really nice conceptual netlabel. It provides digital singles each monday from more or less known artists. So far I only knew Sore Eros from their list, but it's a really good one (that Sore Eros release) …
Ganglians-Daytrotter Session

Daytrotter Session

Genre: Indie, Lo-Fi, Psychedelic Label: Woodsist Just droppin` by to inform you about new Daytrotter Session from our beloved Ganglians, yay! Four Songs in usual quality, two already known from their "Ganglians" LP on Woodsist, one from the Captured …
Lil Daggers / Son Drop / Spid 4 - triple review post with dawnloads

Lil Daggers / Son Drop / Spid 4
triple review post with dawnloads

Genre: Garage Psych Surf Garage Rock / Indie Psych Pop / Folk Three review requests hit my mailbox this week, so I will try my best to wring out some words out of me, to make it relishable for you, my dear, non-commenting reader :) Lil Daggers I c …

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