Woodsman - 2010 - beko_34

2010 - beko_34

Woodsman - 2010 - beko_34

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Genre: Krautrock, Psych
Label: Beko

Beko is a really nice conceptual netlabel. It provides digital singles each monday from more or less known artists. So far I only knew Sore Eros from their list, but it's a really good one (that Sore Eros release)!
Yesterday I checked their new stuff and came across the great Woodsman single.
They are from Denver and I've never heard from them. But that's why we here, right?
So this release is a really really great piece of trippy psych.
The first track, Manual Control, is a short instrumental which comes with a light tropical feeling (I hate the term tropical for all this Lo-fi relax/chill out music, which should induce you are smoking pot on the beach :P). Quite nice, but the nine minutes track Chants is a awesome trip in vein of early Ash Ra Temple or maybe Pink Floyd, but I'll stick on early Ash Ra Temple as comparison. Layers of guitars/loops builing up a great spaceship, driven by light drumming and a great meandered organ points the way into the unknown. Something like that.
This is highly recommended psych/space rock.

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