Lil Daggers / Son Drop / Spid 4 - triple review post with dawnloads

Lil Daggers / Son Drop / Spid 4
triple review post with dawnloads

Lil Daggers / Son Drop / Spid 4 - triple review post with dawnloads

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Genre: Garage Psych Surf Garage Rock / Indie Psych Pop / Folk

Three review requests hit my mailbox this week, so I will try my best to wring out some words out of me, to make it relishable for you, my dear, non-commenting reader :)

Lil Daggers

I can confirm any word that the Blog Electric Mustach wrote about the Lil Daggers.
This is hot shit. A rusty e-organ surfin on good plain ol' garage rock. I think there is not much more to say. It's great, and if you like all that garage stuff that Woodsist and all the other hip labels put out, this is for you!!

Tracks to check: Ya Tu Sabe, Hungry

Try it the 7" (provided by Teenage Lobotomies) - MySpace is the first place for more infos - and here the labelsite and something really old from Lil Daggers

Son Drop - 2010 - Deep in the Underbark

Some Guys from Michigan with two hands full of songs burned and encoded for you, dear listener. Right know and for the fourth time, I listen to the song "Go Leafes Go!" and references to early of Montreal (my favorite band :) pops up in my mind. But it's just a reference, because voice sounds different, and it's not that every-word-another-chord style of Kevin Barnes...
"Go Leafes Go!" is definitly the most catchiest song - it have a nice swinging, memorable guitar part. The others are good Indie Pop songs, with some, so called Americana influences, Psychedelic flangers and phasers on guitar and sixties touch.
Oh and some fuck jazz saxophone improv at the last song. I hate sax, but this is nice practice room space jazz :)

Tracks to check: Go Leafes Go!, A Lamp In The Window

(Badly or better none tagged mp3s guys, so no scrobbles at unless you tag it by yourself :P)

Download the Album - Go toMySpace to spend a few bucks for the CD (and see them live in spring)


Well, he send me a track to my other field recording related label. But it turned out, that I faved his plain Folk songs more.
But from the beginning. Spid4 is a Singer-Songwriter from Great Britain.
He play acoustic guitar in the good old way and sing. Seems he have some classical education in playing guitar and singing?! But he's enjoy to process his recordings in realtime with granulizer software, which add a flirring harmonic/non harmonic sound.
Fennez like, you know? But in Spid4's case a bit rawer.
Anyway - while listen to his Soundcloud tracks I stuck on the Song "Like Nathan"

Spid 4 - Like Nathan by spid4

I like it quite a lot. And while writing this I listen to his MySpace and I hate MySpace, but MySpace is the place to find them all ^^, you know... Well, there is another Version of "Like Nathan", which sounds different, but great too.

So check out both versions and listen to "Get Real" (on MySpace or Soundcloud). This is beautiful and the subtle digital grain add a Balalaika like (sic!) spacy sound. Very dreamy and just great.
And Jamie, if you read this, why there are no zipped mp3 tracks for our mp3 players?? ;-)

By the way thanks to you all for your bad music - it's not often that I get submissions (that I like that much :) - but keep 'em comming!

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