Natural Snow Buildings - 2010 - The Centauri Agent

Natural Snow Buildings
2010 - The Centauri Agent

Natural Snow Buildings - 2010 - The Centauri Agent

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Genre: Drone, Experimental, Ambient, Psychedelic
Label: Vulpiano Records

The new Natural Snow Buildings release "The Centauri Agent" is kindly available for free download at Vulpiano Records. Once again, Mehdi and Solange (also known for their particular solo projects TwinSisterMoon and Isengrind) are taking us on a trip into endless cosmic spheres. I´m sorry, but this review probably won´t come out without words like cosmic, epic, sprawling and spheric…oh, and spiritual. So…now you can nearly imagine, what is expecting you on this mammoth release. But give it a chance to enter your fastidious auditory nerves.

Consisting of two parts, the songs of this double LP seem to offer the two sides of the band, which characterize their music in general.
The first side with the sprawling opener "Our man from centauri" as one long epic drone leading into the second bewitching track, gathering themes from the first one and extending the opened layering soundscapes.
The second part, nine equally beautiful tracks, seems to display a more psychedelic and folk side. Of course there are overlaying noises and drone soundscapes, too, but also guitar driven songs like the outstanding "Solar Flares" with more traditional and spiritual elements.
Intensive and particularly as usual. Highly Recommended!

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