Sharon Tate's Children - 1991 - More 7"

Sharon Tate's Children
1991 - More 7"

Sharon Tate's Children - 1991 - More 7"

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Genre: Indie Rock, Punk

Sharon Tate's Children - More

This is related to this post where I talk about shitty old stuff from my teen years radio experience. I think this was one of the most uninteresting posts ever, right? You want see new music, right? But here comes some more old stuff :P
As I wrote in the mentioned post, there was that track I never get out my mind and luckily I found a copy of that 7".
The music of Sharon Tate's Children has it roots in punk, maybe we would call it indie rock these days, but it's punk. Parts of fast drumming, breaks (somewhere No Means No was mentioned) and energy - and holy moly, no guitars! Instead a fat organ and bass and male/female vocals. Punk music with keyboards in the 1990ies was a no-go. This was hippie shit, but thats why I like it.
On this 7" you will find 2 faster tracks with the gorgeous More and a slower one (Just a Simple Love Song), which got a nice psychedelic, early Pink Floyd like middle part.

The organ player is still active as a travelling accordion player, you can visit his website here, with some more background informations and interviews with STC (all in german ;-))

Download, even if it's nearly 20 years old (fuck, 20 years!)!!!!!

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