Children Egoism - 2010 - twelve

Children Egoism
2010 - twelve

Children Egoism - 2010 - twelve

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Genre: Psychedelic, Experimental
Label: NOECHO Records

Found this by randomly clicking comments on my MySpace (you know, those advertisings ;-))
It's a short ep which is really interesting. It's about dualism
"Twelve" represents an alchemyc dualism of Sun and Moon, Man and Woman, God and Devil, West and East, One and Two.
I wouldn't expect that if they did not mentioned it, but anyway. Track one start with of some classical themes and free jazz bits - very strange, but it ends in a nice cut up ambient.
Track two sounds more like cut up & looped eastern music. I really like that.

You can download it for free in high quality mp3 and wav (why not flac?) and discover some more releases there!



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