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Mixtape #54 - Foreshadowing

Mixtape #54

This is a two hour program of lofi folk, hill music, americana and strumming on wooden guitars in general; broadcasted from the past into the future. The theme is just made up by choosing this great found photo for the coverartwork, which shows, besi …
The Poor Farm & Rag Lore of Matthew Russell Boteilho – Interview

The Poor Farm & Rag Lore of Matthew Russell Boteilho – Interview

Matthew Russell Boteilho is a young guitar player and graphic designer from Houston, TX. I guess, meeting him in person on a concert could end up in night nerding around about music, art and culture. So for this interview you should take some time. T …
Zachary Cale - Love Everlasting 7"

Zachary Cale
Love Everlasting 7"

Mr. Cale is just back from his Europe Tour and I am happy that he stopped in the good old Ore Mountains and played a two hours long set at our small gallery. Beside a live-set on Chicago 's WNRU radio station and this Natch improv-collaborati …
Mixtape #49 - Play For The Spring

Mixtape #49
Play For The Spring

Here we are with a new mixtape, centered around the so called American Primitve Guitar style. This is an extremly bisased collection, based on my personal taste and contains well known stuff, some unknown guitarists and lacks of a lot guitarists whic …
Lac La Belle - s/t

Lac La Belle

I stumbled upon this country/old time folk goodie while searching for Nick Schillace's music. He is an amazinge fingerstyle guitar player (Fahey & Co, I know comparing every versatile steelstring picker to Fahey is a bit lame, but you'll …
Gardner/Sheppard Duo - Colonial Park

Gardner/Sheppard Duo
Colonial Park

So, it seems that this month will be the "american primitive" appreciation post-month. Here is another fingerstyle guitar album by a duo from New York. 12-string guitar and electric guitar teamed up to please you. Sometimes it gets …
Daniel Bachman - 01​/​04​/​12 BNTYK Session

Daniel Bachman
01​/​04​/​12 BNTYK Session

Maybe you stumbled over the two great videos by the Be Nice To Your Kids collective, who recorded Daniel at his home in Philadelphia. Now they've setup a bandcamp und you can get the two recordings there. Basically both tracks are from the Oh Be …
Mixtape #47 - The Magical Promise

Mixtape #47
The Magical Promise

Road trips which include driving into the sunrise hold magical promise. (profp) This mix took ages to setup - but I am happy to have finished. Maybe it's right in time if you leave for vacation and need some soundtrack for your night drives. …
Zach Cale & The Rain Band - Live on WNUR

Zach Cale & The Rain Band
Live on WNUR

A year ago Zachary Cale started to promote his album Noise of Welcome with touring and playing on several radiostations like WFMU. Recently, he put a recording from a WNUR session on his bandcamp page and it's definitely worth a listen. It's …

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