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Aunt Sis - 9 Tracks

Aunt Sis
9 Tracks

I didn't post a pop album in a while, because there wasn't anything interesting I came across. The last thing I remember is that everyone sounded like Animal Collective with tribal drummings and shouting and stuff. What's the latest trend …
German Error Message - The Lifting

German Error Message
The Lifting

You miss the old The Microphones and Mount Eerie is too Heavy Metal for you? The Lifting by German Error Message is here to save you! I don't want to put Paul Kitzing's musical creation into a drawer with just comparing him to Phil Elveru …
Breakfast in Fur - Die Pfalz

Breakfast in Fur
Die Pfalz

After their debut in 2009 it was getting a bit too quiet around Breakfast in Fur. Their free EP was released on vinyl. They are now back, with 3 new tracks, contributed to a compilation called "Die Pfalz", which is a hommage to the village …
James Irwin - Western Transport

James Irwin
Western Transport

Beautiful folk music by James Irwin from Canada. It's flawless and well crafted in style and atmosphere. No repetition, just slow development from song to song. And this slowness results in a beautiful album, just right for lazy summer nights. …
Mixtape #46 - Maybe I play for you, but probably not...

Mixtape #46
Maybe I play for you, but probably not...

Music from bedrooms, practice rooms and tiny studios... There is almost no story behind, just a collection of tracks from the last months and a found picture of a bedroom rocker... enjoy via stream @8tracks or download Write comments, these boxes …
Zach Cale & The Rain Band - Live on WNUR

Zach Cale & The Rain Band
Live on WNUR

A year ago Zachary Cale started to promote his album Noise of Welcome with touring and playing on several radiostations like WFMU. Recently, he put a recording from a WNUR session on his bandcamp page and it's definitely worth a listen. It's …
Mixtape #45 - Supermoon

Mixtape #45

Supermoon (Perigee Moon) this weekend! Means the moon make its closest approach to earth. Means (s)he is bigger than anytime else in the year. Means more gravity, and because we are made from water some tidal waves will roll through our bodies and pe …
First Nations - Glossolalia EP

First Nations
Glossolalia EP

Folk Pop, Indie Pop Coversongs from Goose Lake, friends of First Nations' Derek Janzen. 8/10 …
First Nations - Black Beach

First Nations
Black Beach

Genre: Indie Folk Label: Crystal Country Records Wonderful indie folk on Crystal Mountain Records which brought us Machinery some days ago. The first tunes reminds me on The Dodos with their tribalesque drumming and beautiful guitar melodies. But …

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