Zach Cale & The Rain Band - Live on WNUR

Zachary Cale - Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Uriah Theriault - Electric Guitar
Phil Glauberzon - Organ, Piano
Michael Flis - Bass, Vocals
Marlon Doucette - Drums, Percussion

Zachary Cale and his band perform live on Chicago's WNUR May 16th 2011.

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Zach Cale & The Rain Band
Live on WNUR

Zach Cale & The Rain Band - Live on WNUR

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A year ago Zachary Cale started to promote his album Noise of Welcome with touring and playing on several radiostations like WFMU. Recently, he put a recording from a WNUR session on his bandcamp page and it's definitely worth a listen. It's powerful and the band  seem to have a lot of fun playing these songs.

I cannot recommend Zachary Cales music enough and you need to check out all of his records and buy them on vinyl.

He's planning to release a 7" and an EP this year and coming back to Europe in fall, to play some shows in Germany, Spain and UK (End of the Road Festival).

Stay tuned!

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