Aunt Sis
9 Tracks

Aunt Sis - 9 Tracks

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I didn't post a pop album in a while, because there wasn't anything interesting I came across. The last thing I remember is that everyone sounded like Animal Collective with tribal drummings and shouting and stuff. What's the latest trend now?

Aunt Sis are from Asheville, NC and they play some kind of indie folk pop. It seems to be the brain child of songwriter Justin Morris backed by a band.

There are some uplifting numbers with a nice bass line like in "Dr. Dahl" that alternates between a analoge drumbox and real drums. Sometimes a well picked guitar is showing up and I think that did it for me. "Isak At The Woods" reminds me on William Tyler's american ambient folk and "Heirs" is like early Akron/Family. Nice guitar on this one, too!

So if you like the mentioned artists as well as early The Notwist, Lali Puna, Pavement or the like, this is the teenage version of it. Means there is potential for more good songs.

To download on their bandcamp as pay what you want or buy the cassette tape.

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