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Bill MacKay & Ryley Walker - Land of Plenty

Bill MacKay & Ryley Walker
Land of Plenty

Land of Plenty is a phenomenal collaboration between the two Chicago based guitarists Bill MacKay and Ryley Walker. It was crafted over a month long, Friday night residency at The Whistler, a live music venue/gallery/record label in Chicago’s L …
Luke Hirst - Farewell Adventures

Luke Hirst
Farewell Adventures

A young music student and multi instrumentalist from the British Islands is dreaming of America. Luke's debut album from 2009, Surfing over the Sun (as a free download on bandcamp) and Farewell Adventures are worlds apart. While the first one …
Joseba Irazoki - Ninika

Joseba Irazoki

This is the perfect soundtrack to sense and experience the change from the winter to the summer time and it's a dance piece (or a folktronica concept album if you wish)! Like Joseba B. Lenoir (who was featured before and who recommended this to m …
Joseba B. Lenoir - Instroak Vol. 2

Joseba B. Lenoir
Instroak Vol. 2

Joseba B. Lenoir is a guitar player from Barcelona, Spain. As I found out, the titles are in Euskara the language of the Basque people in Spain. I have honestly nearly zero knowledge about the political background there. But anyway. Joseba is a b …
Matt LeGroulx - Solo Guitar

Matt LeGroulx
Solo Guitar

The following review says it all and I'll just keep it lazy and post it here. What would it sound like if John Fahey played songs by Pavement, Deerhoof, Gordon Lightfoot and Ariel Pink? Well, something like this. Matt LeGroulx is mos …
Mixtape #49 - Play For The Spring

Mixtape #49
Play For The Spring

Here we are with a new mixtape, centered around the so called American Primitve Guitar style. This is an extremly bisased collection, based on my personal taste and contains well known stuff, some unknown guitarists and lacks of a lot guitarists whic …
Daniel Bachman - Seven Pines

Daniel Bachman
Seven Pines

While Daniel Bachman is rambling through the Old Europe (down to the Bosporus this weekend) everything is set up to launch his 8th full length album, Seven Pines. He signed to Tompkins Square Records and he is in good company there. I mean, Frank Fai …
Mariano Rodriguez - El Vuelo Dej Chon Chon

Mariano Rodriguez
El Vuelo Dej Chon Chon

And the next fingerpicking wizard - this time from Argentinia. Mariano Rodriguez presents the full range from pure drones to great versatile fingerpicking from ragas to folk tunes. Enriched with unobtrusive electronic effects. And if you still not co …

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