Joseba B. Lenoir - Instroak Vol. 2

Joseba B. Lenoir: electric and acoustic guitars, banjo, keyboards and percussion.
Felix Buff: drums and percussion.
Raúl García: musical saw on "Penac fin dic sarri"

Recorded at Gakobeltz Mobile Studio, Barcelona (2013)
Drums recorded at Iñigo Irazoki's studio, Sara, EH (2013)
Mastered at Mamia Mastering Studio, Jonan Ordorika.

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Joseba B. Lenoir
Instroak Vol. 2

Joseba B. Lenoir - Instroak Vol. 2

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Joseba B. Lenoir is a guitar player from Barcelona, Spain. As I found out, the titles are in Euskara the language of the Basque people in Spain. I have honestly nearly zero knowledge about the political background there. But anyway.

Joseba is a brilliant musician, able to arrange complex cinematic tracks. So Instroak Vol. 2 is an instrumental album centered around acoustic and electric guitar.
He mixed in Ennio Morricone like western soundtracks (Gakobeltzen hegaldiaand psych freak outs like the great Ihesaldia.
Friscora bidean
 is another highlight with its slide guitar parts, banjo and drums.
The mix sounds very warm and intimate, like they are playing at your home.

This album keeps you excited over the full length and so I can highly recommend it to people who enjoy e.g. the last William Tyler album.

Purchase Instroak Vol. 2 over the label page or download the albumInstroak Vol. 1 is still free available on his bandcamp page.


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