Daniel Bachman - 01​/​04​/​12 BNTYK Session

Recorded live at Daniel's house in Philadelphia on January 4th, 2012.

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Daniel Bachman
01​/​04​/​12 BNTYK Session

Daniel Bachman - 01​/​04​/​12 BNTYK Session

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Maybe you stumbled over the two great videos by the Be Nice To Your Kids collective, who recorded Daniel at his home in Philadelphia. Now they've setup a bandcamp und you can get the two recordings there. Basically both tracks are from the Oh Be Joyful album which came out this year. But Perigee Moon is also released as 7" with some fancy lock groove and digital bonus track (here on DFBM). And speaking about the bonus track, there is a video for it. So enjoy Daniel's picking wizardry and meet him on one of these tour dates in Europe and US.

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