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Stag Hare - Spirit Canoes

Stag Hare
Spirit Canoes

Genre: new new age, psychedelic relax music Label: Inner Island (Vinyl) / Hands in the Dark Records (CD) Stag Hare and the Inner Island crew should be well known, for their unique relaxing, „love & peace & mother earth“ ambient sound. …
2muchachos - teplaja EP

teplaja EP

Genre: ambient, folktronica Label: self In the past, 2muchachos enlighted us with some pretty impressive releases. And now I am hearing their new EP, with windows wide open, on a beautiful summer morning and again, it fits perfectly. Their warm h …
Élément Kuuda - 2010 - Flight

Élément Kuuda
2010 - Flight

Genre: ambientol psychedelika Label: Brise-Cul Records After a long time some exciting, interesting and unique ambient music here. It's Christian Richer from Canada and he recently started the new buzz called The Haiduks. This is …
WYLD WYZRDZ - 2011 - Free Magic

2011 - Free Magic

Genre: New New Age, Esoterica, Wellness, Psychedelic Label: Inner Island One of our favorite and highest praised and ever busy artists is Braden J. McKenna with his 1000 projects and releases in the past. With his new WYLD WYZRDZ release he walks …
Joonatan Elokuu & Mossycoat - 2011 - s/t

Joonatan Elokuu & Mossycoat
2011 - s/t

Genre: psych folk, folk Label: utupuu Wonderful quiet, dark and dreamy folk from Finlandia. Made in and for long winter evenings, but it's enjoyable in the springtime too. As I do right now. It reminds me on Current 93 in p …
River Spirit Dragon - 2011 - s/t

River Spirit Dragon
2011 - s/t

Genre: Psych Ambient, New New Age, Exotic Label: Inner Islands River Spirit Dragon is a spontaneous recording of New Age Wizardz Stag Hare, Braden J McKenna and gkfoes vjgoaf. It's a flowing stream of light and positive waves. And if you read New …
Alpha Couple - 2010 - Edna Pontellier

Alpha Couple
2010 - Edna Pontellier

Genre: Psychedelic, Chamber Folk Label: self The Alpha Couple from Canada released a free digital single and this is a good example how to enrich the experience of releasing digital music. It's not only to throw a bunch of mp3 in a zip, it's mo …
Aliment - s/t + Bo Becker - Octodurum

s/t + Bo Becker - Octodurum

Genre: Beach Punk + Ambient Aliment are from Barcelona and play some so called Beach Punk. Or let's call it Garage Rock. It's nice. Nothing that special. Ok, Aliment are sometimes faster than all the lazy Real Estate-Beach Fossils-Best Coasts ston …
Glass Vaults - 2010 - Glass EP

Glass Vaults
2010 - Glass EP

Genre: Ambient, Shoegaze, Etheral Pop Label: Jukeboxr After a dull opener, which could be a bit shortener it slights directly in a beautiful etheral, epic piece, voices drenched completly in layers of reverb and underneath a light swinging guita …

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