Élément Kuuda - 2010 - Flight

Music and design by Christian Richer
Mix by Simon Guibord
Mastering by Sébastien Fournier

Brise-Cul Records (SADE162)

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Élément Kuuda
2010 - Flight

Élément Kuuda - 2010 - Flight

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Genre: ambientol psychedelika
Label: Brise-Cul Records

After a long time some exciting, interesting and unique ambient music here. It's Christian Richer from Canada and he recently started the new buzz called The Haiduks. This is some dreamy, rustling, early moring ambient - when the sun wakes up and the birds it will make the perfect background sound.
Pure beauty! Released on tape on Brise-Cul Records and to download for free (or better for whatever it's worth to you) along with some other soundscience. Highly recommended!!

An epic set of 2 20-minute ambient pieces that sound like Brian Eno's Music For Airports played in a rusty tape deck, this first volume will be followed in a series of 4...


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