Stag Hare - Spirit Canoes

Stag Hare
Spirit Canoes

Stag Hare - Spirit Canoes

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Genre: new new age, psychedelic relax music
Label: Inner Island (Vinyl) / Hands in the Dark Records (CD)

Stag Hare and the Inner Island crew should be well known, for their unique relaxing, „love & peace & mother earth“ ambient sound. We covered them in the past and we will in future, even if they release sounds like an ever-floating stream.
Spirit Canoes is not different to Stag Hares past releases - it's the same mixture of glittering, echoed guitar, light tribal rhythms and unobtrusive vocals. But a „rose is a rose is a rose is a rose“

The album will be released around August 13th. See above links for ordering your copy - and keep an eye on their bandcamp (Stag Hare Bandcamp)

[mp3] Stag Hare - To Coyote To Hop


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