Glass Vaults - 2010 - Glass EP

Written by Richard Larsen and Rowan Pierce
Produced by Bevan Smith

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Glass Vaults
2010 - Glass EP

Glass Vaults - 2010 - Glass EP

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Genre: Ambient, Shoegaze, Etheral Pop
Label: Jukeboxr

After a dull opener, which could be a bit shortener it slights directly in a beautiful etheral, epic piece, voices drenched completly in layers of reverb and underneath a light swinging guitar. Tribal drums and a fat synth pad leads you to the next track which sounds like a cosmic jungle trip. More beats and still lots of airy voices.
All tracks got the same subtle sound in the background - you could say it's like a red line through the album, or they just loved the setup of their reverb engine. So it's a bit hard to find a difference between the tracks, with the exception of track two - Set Sail.
Nevertheless it's a really good debut by this New Zealand based duo.

It will be available as vinyl record on November the 1st and at the moment (and maybe later on) as free download on bandcamp.

download free Glass EP by Glass Vaults at bandcamp

or order the two coloured vinyl at Jukeboxr Label



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