s/t + Bo Becker - Octodurum

Aliment - s/t + Bo Becker - Octodurum

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Genre: Beach Punk + Ambient

Aliment are from Barcelona and play some so called Beach Punk. Or let's call it Garage Rock. It's nice. Nothing that special. Ok, Aliment are sometimes faster than all the lazy Real Estate-Beach Fossils-Best Coasts stoners - but the ingredients are the same.

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Bo Becker is an ambient artist from Marshalltown, IA - Marshalltown - yeah the Land of Blood and Sunshine... and that's not enough of reference, he support LOBAS live on guitar.
It's difficult to review ambient music. I make this kind of music since years by myself and listened to gallons of floating sounds in the past. So it's hard for me, to find any new, exciting in this genre. Sometimes it's just a nice tone in the background which makes my speakers and room glow, sometimes it's a Wall of Sound that nearly breaks down my own walls and sometimes it's just feeling lost in space. I don't want to feel lost, and the most awkward thing is this whole creepy Death Ambient stuff, born out of the eighties Post-Industrial culture.
The last good ambient album I remember was "The Soul of Rainbow and the Harmony of Light" by Growing. It's a bit older, but it comes in my mind when I think about that kind of music.
So, Bo Becker's soundscapes are in same vein, not as minimal and glowing as the mentioned Growing album but it's floating reverbed guitarnoise, a bit melancholic and I got the lost in space feeling. There should be something to hold on. Maybe a story behind or something... but you should definitely checkout it by yourself.

Bo Becker at Bandcamp - download for free (Thanks to Bo for being so generous!)


PS: there is a lot more to say about ambient music. It's not always meant as easy listening or being stoned and record the sound of a single tone through a delay FX. So for the readers here. What makes a good ambient album for you? Really, it would be nice to hear some opinions.

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