WYLD WYZRDZ - 2011 - Free Magic

Music by Braden J McKenna.
Album art by Andrew Alba with additional layout work from Braden.
Mastered by Max Rivers.

**For people in Japan/Asia, the vinyl is available from Tobira Records**

"hanging out with magick."

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2011 - Free Magic

WYLD WYZRDZ - 2011 - Free Magic

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Genre: New New Age, Esoterica, Wellness, Psychedelic
Label: Inner Island

One of our favorite and highest praised and ever busy artists is Braden J. McKenna with his 1000 projects and releases in the past. With his new WYLD WYZRDZ release he walks again on the paths through a peaceful, blooming and breathing forest. Similar to his friends of Stag Hare and Gkfoes vjgoaf.
I don't want to degrade the music as lightweight, wellness music to make yoga to (like Deuter records), but it sounds like that. Really - these slow developing melodies and loops that sparkle colorful like the sun on a peaceful lake. Birds, ocean sounds everything shines and swathe you in soft and warm feelings - till this electronic pan-flute drops in. It reminds me on my experience of being totally stoned and laying peaceful in the sun, thoughts float away and from nowhere a totally weird and funny picture pops in my mind and makes me feel strange for an (endless) moment. But this goes away and so the pan-flute goes away too and with that the inner pictures of the group of Native Americans in shopping malls, playing pan-flute to ambient music. And you are continuous drifting over that lake of milk and honey.
Unlike many ambient projects that sounds all the same, the Inner Island collective creates a very own peaceful universe, without to be embarrassed by using some cheesy New Age sounds and stereotypes.
You can download the whole piece of peace from their bandcamp and it will be released on vinyl in the shiny light of blooming April.
The pieces that comprise Free Magick are best understood as destinations on an unseen map for an unseen world, or places of the heart. During the recording process I entertained energies within and outside myself that were new and fascinating. Because of this I do not feel that it is solely my album, but rather collaboration with the unknown. It stands as my most sincere work to date, a true reflection of my inner journey and a statement to the magick of mystery.
released 25 April 2011
Music channeled by Braden J McKenna
Album art channeled by Andrew Alba


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