River Spirit Dragon - 2011 - s/t

Channeled by Stag Hare, Sean Conrad, and Braden J McKenna.
Art by Andrew Alba.

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"Recorded in the moment. Slow building, always moving."

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River Spirit Dragon
2011 - s/t

River Spirit Dragon - 2011 - s/t

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Genre: Psych Ambient, New New Age, Exotic
Label: Inner Islands

River Spirit Dragon is a spontaneous recording of New Age Wizardz Stag Hare, Braden J McKenna and gkfoes vjgoaf. It's a flowing stream of light and positive waves. And if you read New Age you may think on these boring meditation cds. But this is New New Age music without the cheesy parts. It contains the ethno tabla stuff and lots of loops which build upon each other.
I like the consistency very much and it works well to relax and let you mind drift away, on the other side I must say it's too close to the stuff I know from Stag Hare & WYLD WYZRDS in general and a slightly sonic difference would be nice.
But anyway, it's kind of a happening and worth to listen.
You can stream both long tracks via bandcamp and order the tape on Inner Islands


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