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Sarah Louise – Interview

Sarah Louise – Interview

​Some months ago I stumbled upon Sarah Louise's bandcamp and found her guitar work on "Field Guide" quite excellent. It was like a direct translation of the region she comes from. Shortly after that I found out that these tracks were …
Chris Rainier - Man And The Echo

Chris Rainier
Man And The Echo

Chris Rainier is a musician and artist from Melbourne, Australia, now living in the U.K. Before I heard his music I saw the beautiful white and blue vinyl with the maps printed on the inlay and so I looked it up and found out, he's playing a prep …
dfbm #67 - Morning Raga Pt. I

dfbm #67
Morning Raga Pt. I

Syncopation, Oscillation, Resonation, Modulation, Meditation. Finally a new two hours program of solo guitar and solo synthesizer and bird songs. It's been a while that I made a "mixtape". So much great music came out lately and so mu …
Luke Hirst - Desert Ditties

Luke Hirst
Desert Ditties

Thirteen months after British guitarist, Luke Hirst, broke the Hex, he went to the studio to record some ideas he had over the year and released it as an album just the other day. Desert Ditties is partly influenced by Hirst's travels through the …
Leveret - Action At A Distance

Action At A Distance

2015 # synth pop
Leveret is a Synth Pop/Art Pop group from Portland, Maine and even if I rarely post stuff like this anymore, I thought it was interesting, because its so diverse. There were so many well known elements in their music that reminded me of something. …
Land of Blood and Sunshine - AEONS

Land of Blood and Sunshine

The Iowa Psych Rock Ensemble Land of Blood and Sunshine are DFBM all time faves and I featured them from their early beginnings. They started as a duo and grew to a full band over the years, developing their very own sound; percussion heavy-fuzzy thr …
Joplin Rice - Low Hum

Joplin Rice
Low Hum

Bedroom pop by Joplin Rice and released at Practice Records on cassette tape. Doesn't ring a bell? Let me help you. Joplin Rice is a young singer-songwriter who is recording fuzzy indie pop in best elephant six tradition and Practice Records is a …
Ryley Walker - Folkadelphia Session

Ryley Walker
Folkadelphia Session

Here is a nice solo set by Ryley Walker, recorded for the well known Folkadelphia serie, last year. Beside all the praise Walker will get for his coming album Primrose Green, it's important to keep an ear open for his solo (radio) appearances. …
Aunt Sis - 9 Tracks

Aunt Sis
9 Tracks

I didn't post a pop album in a while, because there wasn't anything interesting I came across. The last thing I remember is that everyone sounded like Animal Collective with tribal drummings and shouting and stuff. What's the latest trend …

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