Leveret - Action At A Distance

penn chan jesse gertz cormac brown

drums on tracks 1 ,2 ,3, 4, 7
Jason Ingalls

vocals on track 4
Katherine Hulit, Bridgette Semler, Hilary Patenaude, Mackenzie Lewis, Fiona Cagney

vocals on track 10
Hlédís Maren

Produced by Jesse Gertz
recorded at Acadia Recording Company and the Motuo Fortress

mastered by Pat Keane at patkeanemastering.com


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Action At A Distance

Leveret - Action At A Distance

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Leveret is a Synth Pop/Art Pop group from Portland, Maine and even if I rarely post stuff like this anymore, I thought it was interesting, because its so diverse. There were so many well known elements in their music that reminded me of something.

It's a really eclectic mix of sounds from 30+ years of synth pop history. For people who translate those sounds into paramaters on synthesizers, this is fun to listen to. Sawtooth waveforms pads, sample and hold, white noise, 8-bit sounds etc. My knowledge got a bit rusty, but I like to hear such prominent synths.

The album reminds me on synth groups like Add N To (X) or Trans Am (Unclothing), early early MGMT (Oscillator), NIN (Wizard), Lenny Kravitz* (Swallow) and much more I can't think about right now. There are a lot of details to discover in their sound design and the mix is really well balanced.

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* just joking!

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