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un automne à Lob-Nor - (41°N; 90°E) + s/t

un automne à Lob
Nor - (41°N; 90°E) + s/t

1999/2001 # post rock, electronica, ambient
Is a post-rock band from France, that existed more than ten years ago, still relevant? Probably not at the first sight, but if you are into ambient music and post-rock, then take the chance to discover them. Think about early Mogwai and current Taylo …
Mornings - Lioness [Single]

Lioness [Single]

A short, but enjoyable release by Mornings from Australia. The vocals reminds me on early "I love you but I've choosen darkness" - maybe a bit weaker - but not uncharming. The music has some Math-Rock influences but without over co …
Ólafur Arnalds - Living Room Songs

Ólafur Arnalds
Living Room Songs

Genre: modern classical, instrumental, post-rock Label: Erased Tapes Now that it´s getting darker and colder, it´s time for the fitting music, that is a bit more quiet and also, yes, i have to write that, melancholy. Ólafur Arnalds seems to b …
Primitive NoYes - 2010 - Ideation

Primitive NoYes
2010 - Ideation

Genre: Post-Rock, Experimental Label: self Primitive NoYes is a four piece band from San Diego and they playing some kind of light Post-Rock or however you will name it. Floating music, sometimes instrumental, sometimes with vocals. Reminds me a …
Jónsi - 2010 - Go-Unreleased Songs

2010 - Go-Unreleased Songs

Genre: ambient, post-rock without the post and the rock Label: self-compiled huh…probably you know this icelandic band… it´s called Sigur Rós and seems to be quite famous..they kind of created or better had an effect on this genre called po …
Spirit Night - 2010 - What We Will Be

Spirit Night
2010 - What We Will Be

Genre: indiepoprockwhatever Label: none Seemingly friends of already featured Slothbear, Spirit Night are a comparatively lesser lo-fi/noisy band, but…yeah…what actually? I must admit I´ve had a few problems to name a definite genre on this one …
Woodworkings - 2010 - we sit on floors...

2010 - we sit on floors...

Genre: Post-Rock, Instrumental, Ambient Label: Future Recordings (you can also find other good post-rock stuff there, like the tumbled sea) just a short post in the morning...right after waking up this seems to be a good soundtrack. I´m actually no …
Super 7" Day

Super 7" Day

I recorded some 7" onto my Harddisk so here we go: Planet 9 - Three Days A Week - 1998 This is one of the bands and releases that no one remembers. Maybe it's unimportant, but I had some memories connected to this band. The first - I was on a small …
Some Superfree Stuff - Dopo, Hollydrift, V.A. New Weird Australia

Some Superfree Stuff
Dopo, Hollydrift, V.A. New Weird Australia

Genre: Free Folk, Avantgarde, Noise Here are recommends of some cool net-releases: 1. Dopo - Blue Lands on Test TubeA portuguese Psych/Freak Folk collective and their last record.Free Folk at his best! 2. Hollydrift - Peachfuzz EP on Test Tubestrang …

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