Primitive NoYes - 2010 - Ideation

Primitive NoYes
2010 - Ideation

Primitive NoYes - 2010 - Ideation

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Genre: Post-Rock, Experimental
Label: self

Primitive NoYes is a four piece band from San Diego and they playing some kind of light Post-Rock or however you will name it. Floating music, sometimes instrumental, sometimes with vocals. Reminds me a bit on Tortoise or 60 Watt Kids - somewhere in between.
Nice rehearsal recordingquality.
Primitive Noyes is a conscientious nonconformist collective. Not unmotivated and careless, but aware and unconcerned with many of the follies of the egotistical pursuit of making music. Determined and dedicated, we will continue to make good music, we won’t show you unless we already know it is valuable, you may not agree, but we aren't trying to waste your time. We don’t play music for any other reason then the places it takes us. We don’t transmit our music for any other reason then we think you might want it and other people have really seemed too.

We want to learn the strengths and boundaries of the Primitive and the Noyes. We may fail, multiple times, endlessly, but these are our shared ideals. We can only try as translators to bring to actuality. Then it’s yours.
Tip: Science Vs The Story, Anyway Perfect

Ideation by Primitive Noyes

Download (they provide uncompressed AIFF too, check website)



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