J. Marinelli
2010 - Pre-Emptive Skankery Sessions

J. Marinelli - 2010 - Pre-Emptive Skankery Sessions

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Genre: One Man Punk Rock'n'Roll Show
Label: Commodity Fetish Analogue

Today I recived a 12" package from the U.S. and I tried to puzzled out what I've ordered overseas in the last time. But I had no idea. So surprisingly an unwanted record in black and white appears.
It looked like a crust punk record from Finland, but the cover shows a shouting guy with guitar behind a minimal drumset. So DIY noise like Pumice came in mind and I gave it a turn and it was what I expected.
One-Man Punk'n'Roll Riot in best tradition.
It's raw, underproduced, direct in your face music with lot of fun and difference.
So support your local DIY hero and buy this record directly from bandcamp digital or better physical.

Download at Bandcamp


Thanks to J.Marinelli spending the $10 dollars to send me your record.

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