Spirit Night - 2010 - What We Will Be

Spirit Night
2010 - What We Will Be

Spirit Night - 2010 - What We Will Be

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Genre: indiepoprockwhatever
Label: none

Seemingly friends of already featured Slothbear, Spirit Night are a comparatively lesser lo-fi/noisy band, but…yeah…what actually? I must admit I´ve had a few problems to name a definite genre on this one, but obviously that´s a good sign for a band´s individuality, isn´t it?
Basically I would say it´s sort of indie rock/pop with all different kinds of influences, reaching from post-rock to folk or other more guitarbased genres and with a kind of…I would say "straighter lo-fi-sound", if anything like that even exists...

Hopefully this wasn´t too confusing or uncertain, but you better check it out for yourself as I am obviously mostly too bad with regard to genre assignments…

But you´ve got the chance to prelisten at myspace and/or of course bandcamp (where you can download, too) or directly download here.


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