Mornings - Lioness [Single]

Mornings on this record are:

Alejandro Alcazar / Bass
John Binos / Guitar
Yvonne Lam / Drums
Jordan Rodger / Guitar and Vocals

Recorded simply at Jordan's house, May, 2012.
All songs written by Mornings.
Artwork and Design by Jordan Rodger.

This is a DIY release of our new single 'Lioness' with 'Waves' as the B Side.

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Lioness [Single]

Mornings - Lioness [Single]

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A short, but enjoyable release by Mornings from Australia.
The vocals reminds me on early "I love you but I've choosen darkness" - maybe a bit weaker - but not uncharming. The music has some Math-Rock influences but without over complicated calculations in bars and tempo changes and without making me super nervous.

Both tracks are great and they have definitely potential to creating more unique music.
And thumbs up for lofi rehearsal recording. This makes it even more sympathic.

all illustration by Cloudfather

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