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Joplin Rice - Low Hum

Joplin Rice
Low Hum

Bedroom pop by Joplin Rice and released at Practice Records on cassette tape. Doesn't ring a bell? Let me help you. Joplin Rice is a young singer-songwriter who is recording fuzzy indie pop in best elephant six tradition and Practice Records is a …
Aunt Sis - 9 Tracks

Aunt Sis
9 Tracks

I didn't post a pop album in a while, because there wasn't anything interesting I came across. The last thing I remember is that everyone sounded like Animal Collective with tribal drummings and shouting and stuff. What's the latest trend …
dfbm #64 ~ Electric Day

dfbm #64 ~ Electric Day

Here is another non acoustic guitar program with some jumps between genres and decades. I have to confess that I was playing A Flock of Seagulls a lot lately. It's a perfect eighties flashback, especially with their videos. All the moves and styl …
dfbm #63 ~ A.W.C Painting His Room

dfbm #63 ~ A.W.C Painting His Room

Welcome to another 2 hours program of old and new music. This time with a bit more diversity! Find a few rarities, like William Tyler singing a country song, and an ambient like country piece by Ferlin Husky that I've found over at Aquarium …
Wing Dam - Thick Phase / No Splash

Wing Dam
Thick Phase / No Splash

Wing Dam from Baltimore present some nice fuzzy indie pop for the long awaited spring time. You will find them somewhere between The Bee Gee's and Woods. I posted two tracks on a mixtape some moons ago but unfortunately, the first EP is not a …
Jason the Swamp - Remember, Resemble EP

Jason the Swamp
Remember, Resemble EP

Jason the Swamp has been around for quite a long time and he was introduced to me with his great album As Is the Sun. A n album about living alone in the wilderness and a reminiscence to the layered drums of The Microphones. Then he was involved …
Mixtape #50 - The Road I Used To Sleep

Mixtape #50
The Road I Used To Sleep

The title doesn't make any sense and it's out of order. Maybe I am still half asleep. So listen to this when you are going to bed or when you get up or when you fall asleep in your car (but not while driving) or over the wintertime hibernatio …
Luna Moth - Shadows Casting Trees

Luna Moth
Shadows Casting Trees

I have only good memories to listening to Luna Moth and before I forget about them, they've send me a new album. On the surface we have some nice Indie Pop with losts of psychedelic effects and styles. Pretty consistent, though. Traces of Indie F …
Night Court - same

Night Court

Night Court is one part Dave Brant of Bronze Float and Ben Ratcher. Both live in different places in the U.S. and I suppose this is some kind of remote collaboration (exchanging files online). The music is similar to Bronze Float, but a bit more …

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