Jason the Swamp - Remember, Resemble EP

Jason ~ Singing, Whistling, Guitar, Electric Guitar, Guitar as Bass, Bowed Guitar, Banjo, Ukulele, Singing Saw, Recorder, Electric Organ, Bells, Drums, Percussion, Gatorade Drums, Pedals

'Lighthouse (Ocean)' was inspired by and borrows lyrics from Woodman Spare That Tree! written by George Pope Morris in 1837.

This is an EP of a few new songs, along with some things that were originally recorded for 2011's "Snakes" LP. Sort of a companion piece.

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Jason the Swamp
Remember, Resemble EP

Jason the Swamp - Remember, Resemble EP

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has been around for quite a long time and he was introduced to me with his great album As Is the Sun. A n album about living alone in the wilderness and a reminiscence to the layered drums of The Microphones.

Then he was involved in composing the score to an indie horror flick, Desolation Wilderness, and released another album Snakes.

So here is his new EP, Remember, Resemble.
The first thing I noticed was, that the overall mood is somehow sad. It's like trying to find hope in small things (and there are lot of details on this record), but then it falls back in this wistfulness. Her Face is maybe the key of this record.

All of his music is now freely available over his bandcamp, so explore a lot of creative and unique bedroom folk recordings by this young man.

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