dfbm #63 ~ A.W.C Painting His Room

dfbm #63 ~ A.W.C Painting His Room

dfbm #63 ~ A.W.C Painting His Room

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Welcome to another 2 hours program of old and new music. This time with a bit more diversity! 

Find a few rarities, like William Tyler singing a country song, and an ambient like country piece by Ferlin Husky that I've found over at Aquarium Drunkyard.

Also notable, turkish psych folk heroine Selda Bağcan and the a forgotten Krautrock piece by Richard Schneider jr. It's not really Krautrock, it's some space pop with weird synths and effects. Late 70ties stuff. Kinda weird.

There are a lot Singer-Songwriters that I've enjoyed lately and Zachary Cale is one of my all time faves. He recorded a few sessions and is currently on tour through Europe. Zachary and his friend Phil were playing over here in the Ore Mountains and it was a great set. Watch a video of that evening.

New Woods record... I thought I would finally lose interest with their arrival in some cleaner production area. But surprise, their songwriting works without lofi fuzz. Sure, their last three records are all sounded a bit the same. Earls voice, the melodies, some psych and jams and wah wah here and there... but they did something right.

New Timber Timbre works pretty well. Sinister bar music for the end of the world.

Myriam Gendron and Chris Picco are also both from Canada and while Myriam wrapped beautiful guitar tunes around Dorothy Parkers poems, Chris Picco released a light and enjoyable Alt-Country album.

Pieces of Shit is David Byrne and Will Oldham and the song appeared in the movie This Must Be The Place. A weird and funny movie with my favorite actor, Frances McDormand. You can see the opening of the movie, with the song here.

Alright... thanks for listening!

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  1. Roselit Bone ~ Roselit Bone – (from BLACKEN & CURL, 2014) url
  2. The Beau Brummels ~ Turn Around – (from Bradley's Barn, 1968)
  3. Myriam Gendron ~ The Red Dress – (from Not So Deep As A Well, 2014) url
  4. William Tyler ~ Tennessee Blues – (from Oahspe/Tennessee Blues, 2012) url
  5. Chris Picco ~ The Good Within – (from The Beach, 2013) url
  6. Woods ~ Shining – (from With Light And With Love, 2014)
  7. Richard Schneider Jr. ~ Visions – (from Dreamlike Land, 1977)
  8. Benkő László ~ Atlantisz – (from Lexikon, 1982)
  9. Timber Timbre ~ Curtains!? – (from Hot Dreams, 2014)
  10. Selda Bağcan ~ Çemberimde Gül Oya – (1971)
  11. rreynolds ~ Sweet Flag – (from Dad Life, 2014) url
  12. Greg Ashley ~ East Texas Plain – (from Another Generation of Slaves, 2014)
  13. Mark Alexander McIntyre ~ The Dying Sun – (from Grapes, 2013) url
  14. Ferlin Husky ~ Living In A Trance – (from Walkin' And A Hummin', 2011) url
  15. Zachary Cale ~ Love In Vain (Folkadelphia Session) – (from Zachary Cale Folkadelphia Session 10/4/2013, 2014) url
  16. Joplin Rice ~ The Pipes Pt. 1 – (from Spine Adagio Part II & The Prince, 2014) url
  17. The Pieces Of Shit ~ Lay & Love – (from This Must Be The Place, 2011)
  18. Leo Kottke ~ Cripple Creek – (from Mudlark, 1971)
  19. Michael James Tapscott ~ Ask Me Anything – (, 2013) url
  20. Woods ~ God's Children – (from Be All Be Easy / God's Children, 2013)
  21. Mr. & Mrs. Smith ~ Even Angels Bite The Dust – (from Pearls of Wisdom, 2014) url
  22. Holiday Rambler ~ Dogwood – (from There is No End to the World, and Nothing Can Shatter the Earth, 2012) url
  23. Lukas Read ~ The Ballad of Poor Sam Creacher – (from Long Live Sam!, 2014) url
  24. Zachary Cale ~ Dark Wings – (from Zachary Cale On the Hill Session, 2014) url
  25. Jake Klar ~ Devil's Bread – (from Rocks & Gravel EP, 2013) url
  26. Attic Abasement ~ Pretty Teeth – (from Attic Abasement / Nod Split, 2014) url
  27. Motorama ~ Special Day – (from She is There, 2014) url
  28. Claudio Cataldi ~ Windmill – (from Sleepy River, 2011) url 

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