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Ryley Walker - Folkadelphia Session

Ryley Walker
Folkadelphia Session

Here is a nice solo set by Ryley Walker, recorded for the well known Folkadelphia serie, last year. Beside all the praise Walker will get for his coming album Primrose Green, it's important to keep an ear open for his solo (radio) appearances. …
Samuel Gray Edmondson - Suite

Samuel Gray Edmondson

A lovely 4 track EP by a, to me unknown guitar player from the US East Coast. This is basically a 12 minute composition, divided into four pieces. Wonderful picking style similar to James Blackshaw. So it's less the country blues picking and more …
Toby Hay - Marteg EP

Toby Hay
Marteg EP

Welsh fingerstyle guitarist Toby Hay crossed my internet browsing paths last year, but it didn't struck a chord with me back in those days. He's a classical guitar trained musician and so his technique is great, but the music was sounding ver …
Dominick Joseph Gambini - s/t

Dominick Joseph Gambini

Fantastic recordings by a guy who listed Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and John Fahey as his influences. This short demo starts off with a cover version of "Sundogs" by Jack Rose (RIP). It's basically a constant, metallic drone made by moving a …
Lac La Belle - A Friend Too Long

Lac La Belle
A Friend Too Long

Every time I get back from the United States into my cozy little German town, I realize how big America is, how much music is going on there, and how many amazing musicians collaborate, compete and dream the American dream of making a living doing wh …
Ben Collier - Reels, Rags, & Relics

Ben Collier
Reels, Rags, & Relics

​What a great, entertaining tape Ben Collier has put together here. It's that "lazy afternoon on the back porch" kind of songs. Well known tunes like Candyman (the only one I recognized) and own songs, recorded in a very lofi one-man- …
Sarah Louise - Field Guide

Sarah Louise
Field Guide

Sarah Henson learned to play guitar and banjo at the foot of the black mountains in North Carolina. That's how the press text I've found, starts. Under the name Sarah Louise, she released two beautiful folk albums and especially her latest re …
Sad Simon - Songs

Sad Simon

A sad young man from a tiny northern country singing sad songs in best bedroom folk fashion with hints to dusty Americana. "It's the same old sad Simon, it's same old sad song, It's the same, It's the same, I'm so sad&quo …
dfbm #66 ~ When You Are Around

dfbm #66 ~ When You Are Around

Is that Jeremy Earl from psych folk rockers Woods out of Brooklyn on the cover? Most probably not. Maybe his mom and his dad. But who ever these two are, the picture is a great cover for this collection of songs. Old and new, homerecorded folk music …

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